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We are a full service company in car battery related business.

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The Right Battery Type

Find the battery that corresponds to your car/ vehicle.

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Know better about your car battery.

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Doing the right service,
at the right place & time.


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The Battery

We will ensure that we always provide you with quality batteries couple with a friendly and timely services.  We have Century & Amaron MF and wet battery as well.  All at your choice for your vehicles.

Battery type:

NS40Z R/L  .  NS60 R/L  .  NS70 R/L  .  NS70Z R/L  .  DIN55 R/L . DIN66  .  DIN88  .  N100  .  N120  .  N150  .  N200  .  55D23 R/L  .  NX120-7L

Century -Lasts longer
Amaron - Lasts long. Really long
Right battery type check


To help Malaysian drivers with car battery problems on site or walk-in.
Save their valuable time and money.